May - Books

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Look at me! I’m getting this post out before the end of the month. Sure, it’s the last day of the month. But that’s better than a month or two late, right? Right?

May was a pretty light reading month. I still managed to read 5 books. And one of them was a technical book, which always takes me longer. I’ve started on a 6th (technical) book, but haven’t finished it yet. That’ll be tracked next month.

Here are the books I managed to tackle:

Only one comic book this month. For some reason, I thought I had read more than that. Interesting. I wonder if I missed some in my GoodReads account.

What’s your favorite?

None… They were all just meh…

This may be one of the months where I didn’t have a clear favorite. They were all just OK. I really thought I would enjoy Darth Plaguis and I guess if pressed to pick a favorite, that would be it. But they were just OK.

Books Read in March/April

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I missed posting the books I read in March and am really late in posting about April. It’s pretty bad that it’s only May and I’m already slacking on my commitment to myself to be open about the books I’m reading this year. I hope this was just a blip.

Books for March and April are:

I read a lot of comics books (graphic novels). I also went a bit heavy on the Star Wars stuff again.

I finally read through the Marvel Civil War graphic novel. I’ve been meaning to read through that for years. I finally got around to it. It was good. Not as good as other storylines, but still good.

Slower on Kindle

I’ve been reading on my Kindle a little slower than expected. This started right around the time I decided to read a technical book on it.

I can’t do this. I am a much slower reader when it comes to technical books. I also won’t read technical books before bed. I prefer fiction just before going to bed.

I finished the technical book last night. I think I need to stick with fiction on my Kindle and use my iPad to read technical books. I’ll try this out and see how it works.

Got a Favorite?

I think the best comic book I read this month was Aphra. I hadn’t known much about her character in the Star Wars universe outside of the Darth Vader comics I read previously. She’s a pretty cool character and I’ve got Vol 2 in her story arc queued up and ready to go. I’m looking forward to reading more about her soon.

As far as novels go, I really enjoyed both Shift and We Are Legion.

Shift is the second in Silo series by Hugh Howey. I absolutely loved the first in the series (Wool) and loved this one too. I’ve got the third one, I just need to read through it. It’s an excellent series and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys post apocalyptic fiction.

We Are Legion was great. I believe I got it on Audible on sale. It’s the first of it’s own series (Bobiverse). I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. I can’t wait to read the next in the series. It’s already on my wishlist.

What’s Next?

I’m already a few books into the May list. I’m trying to read a few more technical books. These take me much longer to read. Not sure if it’s the authors I’m reading, or I’m trying harder to retain the content I’m reading.

I think I’ll be trying to go forward with reading four books at a time. One comic book, one audio book, one technical book and one novel on my Kindle. It’s a lot to track and I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to track the various books. But I’m going to try it out. it’s probably the only way I’ll be able to read technical books.


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I had mentioned in a previous post that we’ve been playing with personal assistants like Google Home and Alexa. I also mentioned that I would probably be getting a HomePod.

I got one. About a month ago.

I really like HomePod. However, my use case for the HomePod is different than the Google Home products. I use it in my home office as a speaker. All I really ask it to do is play music and it sounds great.

I should probably ask Siri (HomePod) to do things other than play certain music. You know, for science. But I just haven’t yet.

My one gripe with having so many Siri devices in a small area is that whenever I would say “Hey Siri …” multiple devices would light up. Sometimes my Apple Watch or iPhone would respond. I fixed the issue (I think) by turning off the “Listen for Her Siri” option in settings (Settings > Siri & Search). It’s been working much better since then.

So far, I’m loving HomePod. It makes a great speaker for my office.

Jigsaw Puzzles

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I’ve got a thing for jigsaw puzzles. I don’t really know why, but I do. The problem is that I don’t like terrible jigsaw puzzles, but I feel compelled to complete them no matter how bad they are. I think my family knows this and they troll me with it.

I’ve got a small stack of jigsaw puzzles that I like. There are some Star Wars, Pixar, and video game based jigsaw puzzles that I really like. For Christmas this year, my wife bought the kids some really bad jigsaw puzzles. This includes this terrible Bits and Pieces-Pizza Pie - 1000 Piece Round Jigsaw Puzzle.

Recently my wife bought a square padding card table with the sole purpose of doing jigsaw puzzles on. When we got home, my youngest and her picked out the terrible pizza puzzle (linked above) to work on. They we super excited about it. They even got the entire border done. However, as soon as that was done, they abandoned the puzzle. Since then I’ve been on my own. This isn’t new. This happens all the time. I’ve done a handful of puzzles that I absolutely hate just in order to complete them.

I’m about halfway through the latest puzzle. I was hoping to finish this puzzle by now. There are times when I sit down to work on the puzzle and just can’t do it. Today I sat down and listened to an episode of The Talk Show and it made working on the puzzle so much easier to deal with. I actually made some excellent progress. Maybe podcasts are my way of powering through bad jigsaw puzzles.

This puzzle is terrible. Please send help. I need to get it done in order to move onto a better puzzle.

Books Read in February

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Here are a list of books that I’ve read in February. I’m still going strong and reading plenty of books. My goal for the year was 20 and I’ve already read 17 books. If I keep this up, I’ll pass the goal next month.

This has already beaten last year’s count. Last year’s goal was 12 and I managed 14.

One a sidenote, I missed a book in my January list. I had finished Phasma late in the month and forgot to record it.

February’s books are:

Fewer books this month

There are fewer books on this month’s list. The reason for that is that I didn’t read any short stories/novellas that I thought were full length books. There’s nothing wrong with short stories and novellas, but they inflated my numbers a bit.

Wider variety this month too

I’ve read a wider variety of books this month. That mostly means less Star Wars content. I still read through two Star Wars comics. They were both excellent. But I’ve been reading more of what I typically read.

What are you reading now?

I still have three books going at a time. It’s still a Kindle book, audiobook and comic. I think that’s a good balance. I often listen to audiobooks on my walks. And I read comics and kindle books at other times of the day.

The comic I’m currently reading is Shattered Empire. So far it’s really good. I’m almost done with it and should finish it this weekend.

I’m reading Shift on my kindle. I had read through Wool Omnibus last Summer and really enjoyed it. This is the second novel in that series (which is actually a prequel).

Lastly, I’m currently listening to Artemis. If you enjoyed The Martian, I think you’ll like this one too. I’m not finished with it yet, but I really enjoy Andy Weir’s writing style.

Most/Least favorites of the month?

My favorite book this month was either Anansi Boys or The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye.

I’ve only read one book by Neil Gaiman before (American Gods). I really enjoyed that book and liked this one too. Apparently both are in the same series/universe?. I like Neil Gaiman’s style of writing. I’m not sure why I haven’t read more of his work.

The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye is the 5th in that series. I’ve liked that series from the beginning. I know the author has changed since the beginning, but I still like the series.

My least favorite book this month was The Lincoln Lawyer. After reading the book, I discovered that I had read this book before. It must have left one heck of an impression that I didn’t remember reading it. Oh well.

I’ve been happy that I’ve been sticking with reading this much so far. I was afraid that it would drop off after the first month.